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To put it quite simply, Dirt Rally is a racing video game testing teamwork and trust. Unlike a great majority of other racing video games, this one requires you to keenly take instructions from your co-pilots without questioning their judgment.

Any slight hesitation on your side will result in you losing seconds as you struggle to regain your footing on the road rather than optimizing your racing line.dirt rally

Developed and published by Codemasters, the game was first released on 27th April, 2015 and later on as full version on 7th December, 2015.

Not only is the game considered the best to ever come from Codemasters, it’s arguably one of the best racing games ever made.

Those who love the game love it even more for NOT mollycoddling the racer with large wide tracks and racing cars with a tendency of gripping the road. The first few minutes of the game will leave you feeling like a racer from the Blair Witch Project.

If you’re looking for an arcade-like experience, then we’d suggest you try something else. While those looking for the widely held rewind mechanic will have to try and learn to get things right in the quickest way possible as the game doesn’t offer do-overs.

To keep it simple, Dirt Rally removes every single hint you’re likely to get in any arcade-type racing game, and in the event end up pulling you back into a world of simulation.

Those trying to get their hands around the game shouldn’t expect to try anything more than the 1960s throwbacks, as most of the cars will be locked away and the only way to bring them to their garage is to earn enough points that will enable them to buy them.1228722602644467746

But unlike majority of other racing games, where racers unlock cars from time to time as one of their strategies to win games, Codemasters on this one decided to reward racers for the time spend with the car of their choice using an RPG approach whose proceedings spin around the experience gained by racers.

All the features mentioned in the premise make the game one of the most unforgiving racing games ever made. Riders just have to be fast and focused, as the game doesn’t offer room for second chances.

Overall, Dirt Rally is a rewarding game. This is particularly the case as you have to work hard to see results. There are no shortcuts or earning points the easy way as with a great majority of other racing video games.

As a racer, you might be tempted to quit at the first stages of the game, but as you get to play the game more and gain even more experience, you’ll gradually find yourself beginning to fall in love with it to a point that you’ll have a hard time letting a day pass without playing it.

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